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CAREWORLD LLC is a world leader in the development and manufacture of high-quality, affordable weight loss supplements. Our commitment to meeting our customers’ needs is second to none; from weight control to meeting dietary needs, our mission is to help build a healthier America for future generations to come.

About us

The company

Since we were first established in 2012, CAREWORLD LLC has been providing a full range of services to our direct customers, including weight loss and dietary supplements, diet plans, weight management advice, and social networking.

Based in sunny Miami, CAREWORLD LLC operates from our head offices in Brickell Avenue. We take pride in developing and manufacturing all our weight loss supplements right here in the USA, in our production center in Long Island, NY. Our continued and growing success is a direct reflection of the dedication we show to producing the highest quality US-made products and consistently providing exceptional customer service to our customers from all over the world.

However, this commitment to our customers means that we are constantly searching for ways to improve the Careworld customer experience. From new and exciting dietary supplements currently in development to new payment initiatives and social media campaigns, here at CAREWORLD LLC we will never stop striving to give our customers the very best!

A focus on health

We are committed to our goals to help our customers live a healthier life. So, as well as our focus on weight loss and the fight against obesity, we also recognize the importance of maintaining great health while working towards weight loss goals. It is with this aim that we are currently developing new dietary supplements directed at providing the vitamins and minerals that are all too often lacking in our modern diets. Many health and weight problems begin because of a poor diet, so we feel that compensating for this will help to improve health across the world.


Meeting Our Customers’ Needs

As well as providing exceptional service, our customer care team at CAREWORLD LLC are committed to listening to our customers’ needs with an aim to improve both their Careworld experience and our products and services. Therefore we love to receive feedback on our products and services, as well as suggestions about new products that our customers would like to be made available. If you have any suggestions or comments for us, please get in touch with us via the contact form.

Phen Caps

Our best-selling product, Phen Caps, were first launched in 2013. Phen Caps are the leading alternative to the prescription medication phentermine. Like phentermine, Phen Caps suppress appetite, boost metabolism and increase energy levels, but without the side effects that phentermine causes.

The unique combination of nine active ingredients in Phen Caps helps to target the common issues associated with obesity and excess weight. As well as blocking hunger signals, Phen Caps work to combat cravings and reduce physical hunger pangs, helping you to establish healthier eating habits. The stimulant ingredients of Phen Caps boost energy and increase motivation to become more active, while additional ingredients cause a thermogenic response in the body, causing your metabolic rate to rise, resulting in fat-burning and weight loss.

Visit the official website,, to find out more about Phen Caps.


Our Newest Product

CAREWORLD LLC’s newest product, 5 Star CLA, was launched in 2017. CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is a well-known dietary supplement used to help increase metabolic rate, reduce body fat and fight obesity. 5 Star CLA is a highly concentrated form of the naturally occurring Conjugated Linoleic Acid. When combined with regular exercise, CLA boosts weight loss by reducing body fat and increasing lean muscle mass. By supporting a higher metabolic activity, 5 Star CLA allows dieters to achieve their body composition goals.

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